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Young and Restless 6 (2 Disc Set)


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Runtime: 3 Hrs 42 Mins
Year: 2019
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 2
Cast: Milan Sharpe,Kris Wallace,Plozen,Jensen,Thomas Fiaty,Matt Johnson,Mike James,Rafael Sanchez,Tim Law,Jaxon Radoc,Benjamin Dunn,Will Sims


From dirty duos, lively threesomes and even a sixway fuckfest, this Young And Restless Double Disc Box 6 has it all. There’s no let up in intensity as these guys slowly seduce each other with tongue twinning kisses and glorious gropings that gets cocks standing to attention and breathing becoming shallower as the excitement builds. The allurement of a hard body and handsome face proves a little too much for these boys as they worship each other from head to toe, taking their time as they kiss, lick and suck nipples, cocks and taut flesh before spreading tight buns and tonguing and bare fucking adorably tight assholes. Nearly four hours of incredible skin-in-skin action!