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Naughty Girls


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Director: Abby Winters
Runtime: 1 Hrs 42 Mins
Year: 2009
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Amateur Pornstars


Naughty Girls¬†Kara and Silvie exchange coy glances in the alleyway as Kara keads Silvie to her balcony for an innocent kiss or two. It isn’t long before Kara awakens Silvie’s cheeky side. What follows is lots of tongue, sensual kissing, some gentle sucking and plenty of uninhibited lip-biting pleasure.

After a hard day at work, sophisticated and sweetly-spoken Anabela relaxes in her business shirt and tight pencil skirt. Little does she know Kara is ready and waiting to pounce on her for a steamy girl-on-girl romp that begins with plenty of touching, licking, squeezing, and culminates in an afternoon of devilish, orgasmic sex.