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Master Debaters


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Runtime: 1 Hrs 51 Mins
Year: 2022
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Violet Starr,Freya Parker,Alexia Anders,Ava Sinclaire,Aften Opal,Eliza Eves


Freya Parker’s brought a new game for her and Violet Starr to play but as they start playing, Freya starts to become suspicious about Violet’s intentions. Violet grins as she boldly comes onto her… Although Freya’s surprised at first, she soon can’t resist having a little ‘FUN!’ A high school debate team (Ava Sinclaire, Lily Lou, Eliza Eves, and Aften Opal) are meeting in a classroom to prepare for their next debate. The girls are surprised, however, when Ava reveals the topic: ‘Masturbation – Healthy or Harmful?’. They soon discover that NONE of them have actually masturbated before. Ava suggests that they give it a try since it will help them in the upcoming debate. They all agree, and looking to take things a little further, Ava motivates them to try it on EACH OTHER. This is Alexia Ander’s first slumber party, and Lily Lou promises to make the experience lots of fun, but when Lily turns out the light, Alexia gets scared and confesses that she’s afraid of the dark. Alexia suggests that cuddling might make her feel better. It seems to be helping… but then Alexia realizes that now she feels aroused! It looks like Alexia’s first slumber party will be an extra fun one indeed!