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Girls Get Libidinous


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Runtime: 1 Hrs 28 Mins
Year: 2011
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Amateur Pornstars


While tanned Italian vixen Chervana is sunbaking, redhead Dahlia plots her attack!

Chervana wearing her bathers, get her boobs pulled out of her top almost instantly as Dahlia cannot wait to see her incredible body. There is a load of passionate kissing, nipple sucking and awesome mouth to pussy orgasms to keep you occupied. Watch to the very end, as you don’t want to miss something special.

The energetic and enigmatic Masie burst onto the abbywinters.com scene again, this time paired with the more innocent and shy Gaby. To add to the nerves and the tension they are outdoors in a public park. Masie through is all for having their love-making session outside and with the help of a lookout these girls go nuts in the thrilling and exciting outdoor romp.

There are a few interruptions as curious passers-by want to know what the groaning and commotion was about. Who can blame them! They add to the frustration of these two desperate lovers as they unleash on each other with toe sucking, oral sex, announcing orgasms and sensual kissing.