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Girl Girl Sex 330


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Runtime: 1 Hrs 59 Mins
Year: 2022
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Amateur Pornstars


Flo and Justina foyfully giggle as their stretching routine swiftly melts into a steamy makeout session. It doesnt take long for Flo to strip off her friends comfy dress and pull down her panties, and her eyes light up as she spreads Justinas labia and admires the pinkness inside. She creatively rubs her foot against Justinas pussy and between her breasts, which makes them both laugh, before they take turns passionately going down on each other. Fuzzy pubic hair is parted to allow for deep penetration with fingers, meaty labia glisten with saliva as they are gently tugged with mouths, as both girls flush pink with blissful orgasms and fall a in each others arms and kiss with warm smiles.