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Girl Girl Sex 282


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Runtime: 2 hrs 5 Mins
Year: 2020
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Amateur Pornstars


Scene 1: Approaching Galina from behind, Nina kisses her neck and moves her hands up her slender body, caressing her big breasts as she closes her eyes. Turning around, the girls passionately kiss each other, undressing passionately until they lay naked in front of each other. Laying on her back, Galina spreads her legs wide apart, displaying her flexibility as Galina licks her pussy devotedly, making her squirm in pleasure. Down on the floor Galina raises her hips and offering her pussy to Galina she moans while Nina fingers her vigorously.

Scene 2: Sitting down on the floor the girls giggle as they paint each other’s faces. Grabbing Zina’s hands, Marine brings them to her pert breasts, smiling as she takes off her top. Passionately undressing each other, Marine takes off Zina’s panties, sliding them down her long legs before blindfolding her and giving her an ardent oral. Moving towards the couch, Marine moans in pleasure as she sits on Zina’s face, letting her lick her clitoris and squeeze her firm bum from behind. Turning around the girls continue to pleasure each other in 69 fashion, licking and fingering each other until they can no longer hold their orgasm