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That’s The Spirit !


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Runtime: 1 Hrs 34 Mins
Year: 2022
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Gia Derza,Kylie Rocket,Jessie Saint,Daya Knight,Apryl Rein,Charly Summer,Ailee Anne,Erin Everheart


Kylie Rocket and Charly Summers are frenemy. They come together to show off their prom dresses. They are shocked to discover that they are both wearing the exact same one! Furious and not to be outdone, Kylie and Charly, derive some satisfaction after ruining each other’s dresses. Still feeling hot and heavy from the heated confrontation, they decide to have a bit of much-needed fun. Jessie Saint begs for help from the spirit world. She has a MAJOR crush on her best friend and roommate, Daya Knight, but is too shy to act on it. She wants to be temporarily possessed to help her finally confess to Daya. After a few suspenseful moments, she suddenly jolts. She then opens up her eyes with a grin. Now it’s time for the spirit to help get these two cuties together! Ailee Anne, Gia Derza, Apryl Rein, and Erin Everheart are waiting for the results of their aptitude tests. But when they get the results back, NONE of them are pleased! Even if the girls were interested, the careers would separate them. As they gripe about their results, they cheekily realize that there’s ONE thing they’re ALL good at: being hot! That and sex, they’re VERY good at sex. Maybe they could turn THAT into a career?