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Secret Lovers’ Delight


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Runtime: 2 Hrs 1 Mins
Year: 2018
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Jonny Parker,Sebastian Evans,Brez Wild,Riley Tess,Daniel James


Imagine your Secret Lovers Delight when you surprise him with a deliciously dirty bedroom romp instead of a romantic meal for two! Who needs candles and cutlery when you dine out? There’s mouthwatering meat sticks on this menu and a lovely piece of rump to get your teeth into, and of course, a creamy sauce to finish off the evening with. Secret lover sex is the best fucking you can have and don’t these guys know it. All that sneaking around and clandestine trysts is a sure-fire way to get the hear racing and the pheromones pumping!