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Real Housewives 21


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Year: 2018
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Jasmine Jae,Lucia Love,Zara DuRose,Karlie Simon,Lucy Devine


These hot housewives might have to pay someone else to come in and clean the house, because they certainly haven’t got the time. They’re too busy sucking cock and getting banged by a big, fat cock to worry if the dishwasher is empty or the beds are made! In fact, they know the beds aren’t pristine because they’ve been back up in the bedrooms romping with their husbands, lovers and the local handyman. Red haired Zara du Rose is a feisty fuck bitch dressed in green latex whilst one of her fellow housewives in heat cleans up in the bathroom ? and not with any cleaning products. Housewives don’t come any dirtier than these Real Housewives!