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Director: Stills By Alan
Runtime: 2 Hrs 7 Mins
Year: 2020
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Abella Danger,Kristen Scott,Avi Love,Joseline Kelly,Sabina Rouge,Judy Jolie


Abella Danger is frustrated as she tries to study but gets nowhere fast. When does anyone actually USE this stuff in real life, anyway? That’s when she finally turns to Avi Love, a tutor, for some much needed help. Sabina Rouge leads her new neighbor friend, Kristen Scott, to her bedroom and invites her to get comfortable. Sabina flops down next to her and spreads out on the bed. The girls chat, but as Sabina pretends to listen, she’s clearly more interested in checking Kristen out, and daringly touches Kristen’s knee. Joseline Kelly is busy enjoying some “alone time” in her bedroom, lost in her own world as she pleases herself. Meanwhile, Judy Jolie returns home with an armful of books, calling out to her mom, but doesn’t get a response. Thinking that she has the house to herself, Judy puts on her headphones and strips down as she sensually performs for no one else’s eyes but her own.