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Raging Bulls 5 (2 Disc Set)


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Runtime: 3 Hrs 20 Mins
Year: 2019
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 2
Cast: Dan Broughton,Harley Everett,Dillon Buck,Alex Silvers,Jace Tyler,Robin Fanteira,Fabio Stallone,Drake Jaden,Woody Fox,David Castan


No need for any alone time when you’ve got these virile lovers around to strip you naked and suck heartily on your growing dick and Raging Bulls Double Disc Box 05 is full of them. From experienced lovers to newly inaugurated boy toys, all them men want is for you to drop to your knees and give their cock the attention it deserves, but don’t worry, they’ll return the favour tenfold. From the hirsute to the smooth bodied, this no-holes barred epic sees gorgeous men kissing passionately before asses are opened for some unrestrained cock action and firm fingers sink into soft flesh as these lovers pull you deeper inside them until they can feel your balls bouncing. These two discs give you over three hours of perfectly designed love machines who are only too willing to indulge their gluttonous sexual side, anytime and anywhere.