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Lesbian Girlfriends


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Runtime: 2hrs 27mins
Year: 2020
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Sybil A,Lovita Fate,Lexi Dona,Ornella Morgan,Veronica Clark,Anie Darling,Tera Link,Lady Bug,Victoria Puppy,Nicky Lex


Lesbian lovers Anie Darling and Victoria Puppy are sitting in bed together and Anie is resting her head on Victoria’s chest. Victoria turns Anie’s chin and kisses her softly, then the ladies start to make out. Morgan Rodriguez is sitting on a black leather couch in a waiting room when cheeky teen Lady Bug walks in. Lady finds herself attracted to the older businesswoman and tries her best to get Morgan to notice her. Veronica Clark is doing her hair in the mirror while her lesbian lover Lexi Dona tries to convince her to come to bed. “Come on baby,” says Lexi, and when Veronica turns around, Lexi playfully pulls her onto the blankets. Lovita Fate is brushing her lover Licky Lex’s hair sensually in their bedroom. The feeling of the brush through her hair makes Licky feel adored, and in turn, turned on. Getting up, Licky pushes Lovita onto the bed and climbs on top of her to make out. Young Eastern-European lesbian lovers Sybil Kailena and Tera Link are in bed together, softly caressing each other. The lesbian lovers kiss gently at first, then passions begin to rise and their kissing starts to get hot and heavy.