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How Can I Repay You


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Director: Bree Mills
Runtime: 1 Hrs 41 Mins
Year: 2023
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Eliza Ibarra,Chanel Preston,Lacy Lennon,Jenna J. Ross,Carmen Caliente,Judy Jolie


Judy Jolie divorces her husband and meets her lawyer Chanel Preston to help her, as she is threatened with losing everything in the marriage. Not wanting to lose anything, Judy will do anything to win this case, including seducing her own lawyer!

Eliza Ibarra is having a snack in a cafe when she chokes on a bite. Luckily, Lacy Lennon intervenes and runs over to the red-faced Eliza, saying out loud that she is a paramedic and that she is going to help her. She manages to save Eliza. To thank her, Eliza invites Lacy to her home, feeling that she saved her life and that she has a debt to pay.

Jenna J Ross called her contact list about an idea she had to make money, launching her own cryptocurrency, Lezcoin. On the other hand, her roommate, Carmen Caliente, arrives at the house and asks for the rent. Jenna tells her that she’s going to have to wait because she doesn’t have it yet, again. Carmen ponders what Jenna can do to make it up to her and finally Carmen has a better idea. Let forget about the money and just fuck!