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Fresh off the Boat 7


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Runtime: 2hrs 12mins
Year: 2012
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Kari Milla,Ariana Fox


Miloslava recently emigrated from the Czech Republic and is having her initial inspection performed by Dr. Ed. She is a perfect specimen with pretty skin, sparkly eyes and a round bottom, with 2 perfectly formed breasts. She passes the breast exam with flying colors, as all her vital measurements come well within spec. Dr. Red Paw Hunter moves on to her vaginal area next, poking and prodding at her clit and lightly patting her ass with his red furry mitts. He slips his chubby dong inside her to get an internal temperature reading, before passing her along to the next inspection station. It is here where she will need to pledge her allegiance to fuck and suck American cocks. This inspector welcomes her to our shores with an All-American vaginal plunging that her young Euro flower sucks up with ease. She sucks the bone fresh out of her own hole and mounts it in several positions, before taking a bath in American made jizz and sucking up all the residual cum droplets.Ariana Fox is from Mexico and has some to see Dr. Ed for her immigration examination. She undresses and exposes her perfect body, with tight breasts and a well formed ass. His red furry mitts work her small, soft breasts over, groping, tapping and erotically inspecting them. She passes the puffy nipple test, as Doctor Ed stretches her nipple tips far into his suction cups. He precisely measures her areola and nipple stubs as well, verifying her exact symmetrical proportions. He finds her foreign born vagina to be worthy of entry, as he passes her down the line for further processing. They discover a problem with her paperwork, which she is determined to make them look past. She drops to her knees and heads southbound on our inspector’s cock with her mouth. She bends over and takes a seat on this inspector’s shaft, as her young Mexican pussy starts to loosen up around it. Her pussy sweats and stretches, as it gobbles up a piece of the American pie and gets a mouthful of cream for dessert. This lucky girl has earned her stay.

Dragoslava comes from Romania and is dressed to impress Dr. Hunter. Her dark hair and black eyes contrast sharply with her pasty white skin and pale pierced nipples. Her tits are young and fresh and her areolas are a subtle pink in color. Dr. Red charts her measurements and squeezes her tits a bit before putting the magnifying glass and nipple pumps to work. She moves on to a supplemental inspection area where unfortunately for her she has forgotten to get 1 signature. She is willing to do anything to get the process expedited and figures dropping to her knees and sucking some cock isn’t a bad start. She swallows cock and gives up her pussy for a licking, before hopping on his dick and taking a wild American ride. Her ass gets slapped and her hairless fuck box drilled hard, as she cums and drips loads of squirt on the inspection room sofa. She kneels down and works for a load of sperm in her hungry mouth. She has earned her keep here…

Oi comes from Thailand and is ready for her inspection. She undresses, exposing her natural tits and hairless Thai clamshell. She is 20 and very cute. Dr Ed gives her a thorough breast exam, pulling her inverted nipples outward with his patented nipple pumps. After a few moments she is ready for Dr. EWd’s internal temperature reading, where he pumps her puffy puss full of cock before passing her on to inspection station 2. She has one last test to prove she should stay here and that is the taste test, where our inspector gobbles up her Thai taco and stuffs it full of cock. She is soaking wet and vaginally starving for a solid American pounding. Her face and pussy get drilled on his desk and she is left with a breast full of cum to welcome her to this country.

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