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StepSiblings With Benefits 2


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Year: 2020
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Harmony Wonder,Sophia Leone,Summer Brooks,Nina Skye


Sophia Leone is sneaking into the house in the early morning when she’s caught by her stepbrother. He lets her know that he’s well aware that she’s been making cash stripping and threatens to tell their parents unless she does what he wants. Well, what’s a sexy young girl to do? She can give up making that cash or give up that sweet, phat ass!

Harmony Wonder catches her stepbrother checking her out and confronts him. He tells her how hot she is and instead of getting creeped out, she starts getting turned on. In fact, she was so excited that she started showing him her tits and pussy even though their dad was in the room working! They move to the bedroom and get even more naughty.

Nina Skye is truly a caring stepsister. When her stepbrother is stuck in bed sick she rushes over to feed him chicken soup and massage his head while he’s resting in her lap. Soon she notices that he is sporting a huge hardon and when his girlfriend barges in things only get more wild. But once his girl leaves, Nina decides to deliver some special TLC.

Summer Brooks caught her stepbrother fucking his girlfriend. She got so hot watching them that stood there and fingered herself while they banged away. When her stepbrother catches her she has no choice but to confess her spying. He tells her he knew she was there and the two of them go at it, mindful that his girlfriend is in the other room.