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Girls Down Under


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Runtime: 1 Hrs 55 Mins
Year: 2006
Format: (DVD)
Number of Discs: 1
Cast: Amateur Pornstars


Chloe and Marigold are having a typical Australian barbecue, but the grill is busted. The saucy girls get it on instead, but this is no ordinary sex scene! Undeniably raw, real sex, brimming with lust, fun, and passion.

Aussie hotties who have orgasm after real orgasm, treating themselves and each other, in every position down under.

Bonus! Extended “Behind the Scenes” featurette with Marigold and Chloe B and crew, slide show, and an awesome double masturbation scene.

Another bonus! Tammy B and Michelle R, sexy Australian babes, get to know each other outdoors in the Aussie summer. A lustful scene with teasing foreplay, fervent fingering, and eager oral sex.